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Provincial Grand Master’s Lodge of Instruction

The Lodge of Instruction is open to all brethren in the Mark Province of Sussex, below and including the rank of Installed Master, but not Provincial Grand Officer.

These meetings are held on an informal basis at different locations around the Province and are designed to enhance our junior brethren’s knowledge in all aspects of the Degree. They will be relaxed and intend to provide knowledge and discussion of the Degree and will not be delivered as just a rehearsal but as an interactive evening, unlike any previous Lodge of Instruction that has been held. These meetings are not a replacement for Lodge rehearsals or in anyway a replacement of the Director of Ceremonies responsibilities in Lodge, they are an enhancement to what we do and will embrace all Members of our Lodges in our learning.

At each meeting we cover aspects of:
  • The make up and history of the Degree and the Province
  • Mark etiquette in and out of the temple
  • Who was Adonhiram
  • The Lodge Furniture
  • The anatomy of the Ceremony
  • Emotions, interpretations and expressions of the Offices in a Mark Lodge
  • The hidden messages in the Degree
  • What our simple Ceremony tells us about the world today
  • Rehearsals and comment
Who is this aimed at?
These Lodge of Instructions are presented for all brethren below the rank of a Provincial Grand Officer, this applies to those who may currently be in the chair but have no prospect of any working Ceremonies and wish to understand or prepare to take a Ceremony. If you are a Master with no prospect of a an Advancement and you want to deliver a Ceremony, this Lodge of Instruction will make it, its business to find you a Ceremony to carry out, no Master should go without an Advancement if it is his wish to do so.

For potential or current Directors of Ceremonies this will be a great opportunity to gain more understanding of the Degree and take ideas back to your Lodge and maybe enhance your Ceremonies even more.

All Wardens, Overseers and Deacons who are approaching the Chair will find the knowledge and information available invaluable to them so that they can take the Chair as a confident and knowledgeable Master able to guide and rule their Lodge, at the same time gaining the most that they can from their year.

For the more junior brethren there will be an opportunity to work in the Lodge, become an active Member and start to understand how the Degree works. Nobody will be left sitting and watching, everyone will have work to do and everyone will get the proper support and guidance they need to increase the knowledge of the Degree.

Our Aim
To improve the understanding of our Degree, its workings and messages, leading to exemplary delivery of ritual and the preparation of our Members for Mastership, culminating in the delivery of a Ceremony of Advancement before the Provincial Grand Master and his Provincial Team.

Email: Text: 07860 183429