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Royal Ark Mariner Lodges in the Province of Sussex

Sussex Lodge No. 75

Meeting at Brighton on 3rd Monday of February (I), April and November

Southdown Lodge No. 164

Meeting at Haywards Heath on 2nd Wednesday of April, June, and 3rd Thursday of October (I)

East Sussex Lodge No. 166

Meeting at St. Leonards on 2nd Thursday of May, Last Wednesday of August and 4th Monday of November (I)

West Smithfield Lodge No. 223

Meeting at Chichester on 3rd Thurs of January, 2nd Thursday of April, 4th Thursday of November (I)

Lewis Lodge No. 391

Meeting at Lewes on 4th Tuesday of February, September (I) and 2nd Tuesday of May

Royal Connaught Lodge No. 409

Meeting at Brighton on 4th Monday of March and November (I) and 1st Wednesday of June

Mid Sussex Lodge No. 449

Meeting at Horsham on 1st Monday of March, November and 3rd Thursday of May (I)

Broadwater Lodge No. 453

Meeting at Worthing on 4th Wednesday of January (I), May and 3rd Wednesday of September

Eastbourne Lodge No. 484

Meeting at Eastbourne on 3rd Friday of February, April and 2nd Wednesday of October (I)

Regnum Lodge No. 568

Meeting at Chichester on 4th Tuesday of February, May and 1st Tuesday of October (I)

Thornton Lodge No. 631

Meeting at Uckfield on 1st Friday of February, May and November (I)

Hothampton Lodge No. 703

Meeting at Bognor Regis on 4th Monday of March, October and 2nd Wednesday of May (I)

Rottingdean Lodge No. 918

Meeting at Peacehaven on 2nd Monday of February, May and November (I)

Bexhill Lodge No. 1058

Meeting at Bexhill on 4th Thursday of February (I), April and November

Abbey Lodge No. 1086

Meeting at Battle on 4th Monday of January, 1st Monday of April, July, and October (I)

Hampton Parva Lodge No. 1117

Meeting at Littlehampton on 3rd Monday February (I), April, October

Sussex Installed Commanders Lodge No. 1158

Meeting at Brighton on 4th Thursday of May (I) and last Wednesday of October

Hailsham Lodge No. 1234

Meeting at Herstmonceaux on 2nd Friday of February, April (I) and October

Earl of Courtdown Lodge No. 1241

Meeting at East Grinstead on 2nd Monday of March, May (I) and November

Pulborough Lodge No. 1245

Meeting at Pulborough on 1st Tuesday of February, 3rd Tuesday of May (I) and 1st Monday of December

Harold W Richardson Lodge No. 1490

Meeting at Brighton on the 4th Friday of April (I) and 4th Tuesday of October

St Margaret of Antioch Lodge No. 1520

Meeting at Ifield on 3rd Saturday of February, April and November (I)

James Webster Lodge No. 1795

Meeting at Brighton on 2nd Monday of January (I), 1st Monday of April and July

Thomas a Becket Lodge No. 1831

Meeting at Worthing on 3rd Wednesday of January, March and May (I)

Clifford W. Jeapes Lodge No. 1876

Meeting at Peacehaven on 1st Thursday of June (I) and 4th Wednesday of November

West Sussex Installed Commanders Lodge No. 1898

Meeting at Chichester on 2nd Saturday of January and 2nd Friday of July (I)